March 15, 2018

CFTC Commissioner Rostin Behnam Seeks Nominations for Market Risk Advisory Committee Membership and Public Comment on Committee Priorities

Washington, DC - Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Rostin Behnam, sponsor of the CFTC’s Market Risk Advisory Committee (MRAC), is seeking nominations for membership and public input on MRAC’s priorities through a formal request for submissions in the Federal Register. The deadline for submissions is March 29, 2018.

“As the structure of the derivatives markets evolves, the MRAC is uniquely poised to assist the CFTC in identifying potential market risks that would have a systemic impact on our markets and financial system.  Thus, the membership of the MRAC must reflect a wide range of perspectives and interests.  As we reconstitute the Committee and develop its agenda, I look forward to hearing from all interested stakeholders, including regulators, to better inform the MRAC’s roadmap ahead,” said Commissioner Behnam.

In the Federal Register Notice published today, Commissioner Behnam invites members of the public to: nominate individuals (including self-nominations) for membership on the MRAC; and propose potential topics for the MRAC to prioritize in making recommendations to the CFTC on how to improve market structure and mitigate risk.

The MRAC’s mandate is to:

  • Conduct public meetings and submit reports and recommendations to the CFTC on matters of public concern to clearinghouses, exchanges, swap execution facilities, swap data repositories, intermediaries, market makers, service providers, end-users and the CFTC regarding systemic issues that impact the stability of the derivatives markets and other financial markets; and
  • Assist the CFTC in identifying and understanding the impact and implications of the evolving market structure of the derivatives markets and other financial markets.

Please see the Federal Register Notice for instructions on the submission of nominations and topics.


Last Updated: March 15, 2018