October 11, 2017

Commissioner Quintenz Statement on De Minimis Threshold

Washington, DC —Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Brian Quintenz released the following statement in response to CFTC Chairman Giancarlo’s announcement on the de minimis threshold:

    “Some have described the current de minimis threshold of $8 billion in notional value as a ‘loop hole,’” said Quintenz. “In reality, its scheduled reduction to $3 billion would create a “black hole,” sucking in community banks and end-users who pose zero systemic risk. For far too long, too much uncertainty has surrounded the de minimis threshold’s reduction and its damaging economic consequences. While we should always consider new data in the ongoing evaluation of public policy, it is well past time to address this issue head-on, finalize a rational and effective threshold, and provide the market with clarity. I look forward to working with the Chairman and Commissioner Behnam to complete our consideration of this issue.”

Last Updated: October 11, 2017