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Number of Registrants

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Companies and individuals who handle customer funds, solicit or accept orders, or give trained advice must apply for CFTC registration through the NFA, a registered futures association and self-regulatory organization with delegated oversight authority from the Commission.

The Commission regulates the activities of over 64,000 registrants.

Number of Registrants as of September 30, 2010
Registration Category1 Number Registered
Associated Persons (APs) (Salespersons) 51,245
Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs) 1,228
Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) 2,560
Floor Brokers (FBs) 6,591
Floor Traders (FTs) 1,344
Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) 142
Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers (RFEDs) 8
Introducing Brokers (IBs) 1,596
TOTAL 64,714
1 A person who is registered in more than one registration category is counted in each category. (back to text)


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