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Overview of Planned Outcomes by Strategic Plan

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The Commission allocates budgetary resources by Strategic Goal in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). The Dodd-Frank reforms passed on July 21, 2010 will require a thorough review of the Commission’s Strategic Goals structure and an update of those Goals and, or at the least, the underlying outcome objectives and business processes. Since that process is not yet complete this budget allocates resources under the structure of the Commission’s current strategic plan, incorporating where appropriate, new responsibilities emerging from Dodd-Frank.


The Commission’s mission is to protect market users and the public from fraud, manipulation and abusive trading practices related to the sale of commodity futures, options and swaps, and to foster open, competitive, and financially sound commodity futures, options and swaps markets.

The Commission requests $308.0 million in FY 2012 to fund its efforts to reach its four strategic goals:

Budget & Performance Request by Strategic Goal
($ in millions)
Strategic Goal Amount Percentage
Goal One: Ensure the economic vitality of the commodity futures, options and swaps markets. $113.0 37%
Goal Two: Protect market users and the public. $70.0 23%
Goal Three: Ensure market integrity in order to foster open, competitive, and financially sound markets. $77.5 25%
Goal Four: Organizational and Management Excellence. $47.5 15%

To achieve the planned outcomes for FY 2012, the Commission will allocate the $308.0 million request among seven programs: Enforcement; Clearing, Swap Dealer & Intermediary Oversight; Market Oversight; Chief Economist; Proceedings; General Counsel and International Affairs. There are two support programs: Agency Direction and Administrative Management and Support1.

$308 Million Budget Request by Program
Program Percentage
Market Oversight 25%
Clearing, Swap Dealer & Intermediary Oversight 18%
Chief Economist 2%
Enforcement 24%
Proceedings 1%
General Counsel 8%
International Affairs 1%
Agency Direction 4%
Administrative Management and Support 17%

FY 2012 Outcomes by Goal

1 Includes information technology staff in support of all programs. (back to text)


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