Main Office

Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Three Lafayette Centre
1155 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20581

202-418-5521, fax
202-418-5428, TTY

Consumer Assistance and Complaints: Call Toll-Free 1-866-FON-CFTC (866-366-2382), or use the Tips and Complaints Form.

Regional Offices

Central Region Southwestern Region Eastern Region

525 West Monroe Street
Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60661

312-596-0716, fax
312-596-0565, TTY

4900 Main Street
Suite 500
Kansas City, MO 64112

816-960-7750, fax
816-960-7704, TTY

140 Broadway
New York, NY 10005

646-746-9938, fax
646-746-9820, TTY

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Freedom of Information Act Compliance Office See FOIA 202-418-5105
CFTC Employment Hotline See Careers at the CFTC 202-418-5009
Information Quality at the CFTC See Information Quality 202-418-5000
Inspector General Hotline Report fraud, waste, or abuse to the Office of the Inspector General 202-418-5110
Procurement Opportunities See Procurement  202-418-5000
Registration Information Visit the National Futures Association (NFA) website for information on registering as a futures professional 800-621-3570
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Office of Chairman Heath P. Tarbert

Title  Name Telephone Fax
Chairman Heath P. Tarbert 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Chief of Staff & Chief Operating Officer Jaime L. Klima 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Counselor N. Charles “Charlie” Thornton III 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Chief Negotiator for International Agreements Thomas J. Benison 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Senior Counsel Matthew A. Daigler 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Senior Counsel Daniel J. Grimm 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Senior Counsel Andrew L. Ridenour 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Deputy Chief of Staff and Counsel Chelsea E. Pizzola 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Executive Assistant to the Chairman Karen Brown 202-418-5030 202-418-5533
Executive Assistant Chanel Smith 202-418-5030 202-418-5533

Office of Commissioner Brian Quintenz

Title Name Telephone Fax
Commissioner Brian Quintenz 202-418-5010 202-418-5072
Chief of Staff Kevin Webb 202-418-5010  
Special Counsel Margo Bailey 202-418-5010  
Special Counsel Peter Kals 202-418-5010  
Executive Assistant Phyllis Campbell 202-418-5010  

Office of Commissioner Rostin Behnam

Title Name Telephone Fax
Commissioner Rostin Behnam 202-418-5575 202-418-5067
Chief of Staff David Gillers 202-418-5575  
Special Counsel John Dunfee 202-418-5575  
Special Counsel Laura Gardy 202-418-5575  
Executive Assistant Kyndra Burke 202-418-5575  

Office of Commissioner Dawn Stump

Title Name Telephone Fax
Commissioner Dawn Stump 202-418-5060 202-418-5620
Chief of Staff Daniel Bucsa 202-418-5060  
Senior Counsel Elizabeth Mastrogiacomo 202-418-5060  
Senior Counsel Terry Arbit 202-418-5060  
Executive Assistant Charles Ladd 202-418-5060  

Office of Commissioner Dan Berkovitz

Title Name Telephone Fax
Commissioner Dan Berkovitz 202-418-5050 202-418-5837
Chief of Staff Erik Remmler 202-418-5050  
Special Counsel Lucy Hynes 202-418-5050  
Special Counsel Sebastian Pujol Schott 202-418-5050  
Executive Assistant Latonia Williams 202-418-5050  


Division of Market Oversight

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director Dorothy DeWitt 202-418-5260 202-418-5507
Senior Counsel to the Director Aaron Brodsky 202-418-5349 202-418-5527
Chief Counsel Rachel Reicher 202-418-6233 202-418-5507
Chief Market Intelligence Officer,
Market Intelligence Branch
Mel Gunewardena 202-418-5902 202-418-5507
Deputy Director,
Compliance Branch
Rachel Berdansky 202-418-5429 202-418-5836
Deputy Director, 
Market Review Branch
Nancy Markowitz 202-418-5453 202-418-5527
Acting Deputy Director,
Product Review Branch
Meghan Tente 202-418-5785 202-418-5527
Acting Associate Director, Data & Reporting Branch Richard Mo 202-418-7637 202-418-5527

Division of Clearing and Risk

Title Name Telephone Fax
Main Number   202-418-5430  
Director Clark Hutchison 202-418-6070  
Deputy Director Sarah Josephson 202-418-5684 202-418-5547
Chief Counsel Robert Wasserman 202-418-5092 202-418-5536
Deputy Director,
Risk Surveillance
Sayee Srinivasan 202-418-5309 202-418-5547
Deputy Director,
Clearing Policy
Eileen Donovan 202-418-5096 202-418-5547
Deputy Director, Examinations Julie Mohr 312-596-0568 312-596-0711

Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight

Title Name Telephone Fax
Main Number   202-418-6700  
Director Joshua B. Sterling 202-418-6700 202-418-5407
Chief Counsel Frank Fisanich 202-418-5949 202-418-5407
Deputy Director, Capital, Margin & Segregation Thomas Smith 202-418-5495 202-418-5407
Deputy Director, Examinations Joseph Sanguedolce 646-746-9750  
Deputy Director, Registration & Compliance Amanda Olear 202-418-5283 202-418-5407

Division of Enforcement

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director James McDonald 202-418-5000 202-418-5523
Principal Deputy Director Vincent McGonagle 202-418-5000 202-418-5523
Chief Counsel Gretchen Lowe 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Rick Glaser 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Paul Hayeck 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Robert Howell 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Joan Manley 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Charles Marvine 202-418-5000  
Deputy Director Manal Sultan 202-418-5000  
Chief, Cooperative Enforcement Richard Foelber 202-418-5000  
Director, Whistleblower Office Christopher Ehrman 202-418-5000 202-418-5532
Deputy Director, Surveillance Branch Matthew Hunter 202-418-5861  


Office of the Executive Director

Title Name Telephone Fax
Executive Director Anthony C. Thompson 202-418-5697 202-418-5541
Executive Assistant Sintrel Parker 202-418-6285  
Chief Executive Secretariat Branch Melissa Jurgens 202-418-5516  
Chief Planning Officer Tomeka Gilbert 202-418-5698  
Chief Financial Officer Joel Mattingley 202-418-5310  
Chief Human Capital Officer KerriLaine Prunella 202-418-6224 202-418-5530
Senior Procurement Executive William M. Roberson 202-418-5367 202-418-5414
Director, Office of Proceedings Eugene Smith 202-418-5250 202-418-5532
Chief Privacy Officer Charles Cutshall 202-418-5833  
Records Management Officer Crystal Zeh 202-418-5035 202-418-5541
Librarian Supervisor Daniel May 202-418-5254 202-418-5537
Business Management Officer Hoa Kern 202-418-5209 202-418-5541

Office of the General Counsel

Title Name Telephone Fax
General Counsel Daniel J. Davis 202-418-5649 202-418-5524
Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory Carlene Kim 202-418-5613  
Deputy General Counsel, General Law John Einstman 202-418-5337  
Deputy General Counsel, Litigation and Adjudication Robert Schwartz 202-418-5958  
Deputy General Counsel, Legislation & Intergovernmental Affairs Natasha Coates 202-418-6080  
Managing Counsel Lynn Bulan 202-418-5143  
Paralegal Nicolya' Jones 202-418-6032  

Office of Public Affairs

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director & Chief Communications Officer Michael C. Short 202-418-5080 202-418-5525
Deputy Director Rachel Millard 202-418-5080 202-418-5525
Associate Director Donna Faulk-White 202-418-5080 202-418-5414
Associate Director Dan Rutherford 202-418-6623  
Chief Customer Risk Officer Lynda F. Williams 202-418-5574  
Public Affairs & Digital Engagement Strategist Mollie Wilken 202-418-5080 202-418-5525
Public Affairs Strategist Nisha Smalls 202-418-5895 202-418-5414
Web Content Specialist Antoinette Turner 202-418-5080 202-418-5414
Web Content Specialist Michelle Woodland 202-418-5080 202-418-5414
Executive Assistant LaTasha Pate 202-418-5242 202-418-5525

Office of International Affairs

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director Suyash Paliwal 202-418-5645 202-418-5187
Associate Director Mauricio Melara 202-418-5645 202-418-5187
Associate Director Tracey Wingate 202-418-5645 202-418-5187
Deputy Director & Head of Technical Assistance Kevin Piccoli 646-746-9700 646-746-9941
Head of Supervisory Cooperation Natalie Markman Radhakrishnan 202-418-5645 202-418-5187

Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director Summer Mersinger 202-418-5075  
Deputy Director Ann Wright 202-418-5594  
Associate Director Darryl Blakey 202-418-6065  


Title Name Telephone Fax
Director & Chief Innovation Officer Melissa Netram 202-418-6079  
Senior Counsel Brian Trackman 202-418-5163  
Senior Financial Innovation Counsel Bianca Gomez 202-418-5627  
Senior Technology Advisor Jorge Herrada 202-418-5346  
Senior Innovation & Education Advisor Shivon Kershaw 202-418-5017  

Office of the Chief Economist

Title Name Telephone Fax
Acting Chief Economist Scott Mixon 202-418-5624 202-418-5660
Deputy Chief Economist Scott Mixon 202-418-5771  
Supervisory Research Analyst Richard Haynes 202-418-5063  

Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

Title Name Telephone Fax
Director Sarah Summerville 202-418-5151 202-418-5546
Senior Equal Opportunity Specialist Sarah Pauly 202-418-6028  
Diversity and Inclusion Specialist Derrick Wilson 202-418-5940  

Office of the Secretariat

Title Name Telephone Fax
Secretary of the Commission Chris Kirkpatrick 202-418-5100 202-418-5521
Deputy Secretary Robert Sidman 202-418-5100  
Assistant Secretary Willie Charley 202-418-5100  
Executive Correspondence Assistant Natise Allen 202-418-5100  

Office of Inspector General

Title Name Telephone Fax
Inspector General A. Roy Lavik 202-418-5110 202-418-5522
Deputy Inspector General & Chief Counsel Judith Ringle 202-418-5110  
Assistant Inspector General for Auditing Miguel Castillo 202-418-5110  
Administrative Assistant Erica Bridges 202-418-5110  

Office of Data and Technology

Title Name Telephone Fax
Main Number   202-418-5200 202-418-5740
Chief Information Officer John Rogers 202-418-5240  
Deputy Director, Policy and Planning Branch Naeem Musa 202-418-5485  
Deputy Director, Data Management Branch Srinivas Bangarbale 202-418-5315  
Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Operations Branch Lamar Dunn 202-418-5265  
Deputy Director, Systems and Services Branch Sharon McClary 202-418-5199  

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