CFTC Staff Letters

CFTC Staff Letters provides Letters from 2008 and later. For Letters published before 2008 visit the Letters Archive page.

PDF Description
PDF Image21-03 Letter Type: Other
Division: MPD
Regulation Parts: 23 Subpart E, 23 Subpart I
Tags: SD, Capital, Model
Issuance Date:

Approval letter issued to the National Futures Association with regard to Swap Dealer captial model requirements and review program.

PDF Image18-30 Letter Type: Other
Division: DCR, DSIO
Regulation Parts: 39.12, 190.04
Tags: DCO, Straight-through processing
Issuance Date:

Confirmation that Eurex Clearing AG has demonstrated compliance with the straight-through-processing requirements of Regulation 39.12(b)(7) and approval of certain Eurex rules.

PDF Image17-69 Letter Type: Other
Division: DSIO
Regulation Parts: 4.22
Issuance Date:

Clarification on language in CFTC Staff Letter No. 13-51.